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Wellbeing Academy in Chester

At Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group, we specialise in wellbeing education in Chester.

Working from our Wellbeing Academy, we offer a range of fitness education programmes and national qualifications to help maintain and improve mental and physical health.

We believe that every single person is as important as the next. Therefore, we always go the extra mile. Our wellbeing education is made to support you.

For more information about the wellbeing education we provide in Chester, contact Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group.

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Our Wellbeing Education Programmes

Our team here at Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group offers specialist wellbeing education at our Wellbeing Academy in Chester. As qualified professionals, we help train and educate the wider community. We understand the importance of a good education and realise that not everyone has such privileges.

In addition to this, we are committed to helping communities live happier, healthier and brighter lives. At Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group, we offer the following:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Alternative Provision
  • Development (Adult Education Programmes)
  • Education Suite
  • Academy Online

With our wellbeing education Chester, we aim to make a difference. Rage Fitness seeks to promote health and wellbeing and support communities in progressing with their education. No matter your age or ability, we are here to help you build a better future.

Through our academy, you can obtain national, recognised health and wellbeing qualifications.

Our Wellbeing Centre

Sustainable Development Goals Partnership

At Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group, we are partners with the Sustainable Development Goals supported by the United Nations. We are helping to achieve a better and more sustainable future globally. Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group is taking action.

With the Sustainable Development Goals, the aim is to make choices that have less harmful effects on the environment. We face many big challenges in the world that need addressing urgently. Our lifestyles have a huge impact on the planet, and each one of us can be a part of the solution and influence a positive change.

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Absolute gem of a gym. Great use of the space. Like classes then this is the gym for you, like weights then this is also the place to be. Like well-being they have that going on too. Warm welcome every time you visit. You feel like the staff really do care about you and your fitness journey. I like to train hard and am never disappointed.
Emma Seath
Gem Of A Gym

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For more about our wellbeing academy in Chester, contact Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group via our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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