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Parenthood, Isolation and Rage Fitness Company…

By now you are well aware Rage Fitness Company is not a ‘normal’ fitness company/ Gym. We offer over 35 services across the North West/ Cheshire. Our services support a variety of social, local & national issues. Our services range from military veterans with PTSD, young adults with additional needs or being new to parenthood and support the underlining issues [...]

Instructor Journeys Part 1

It's never easy speaking about the past as we feel exposed, vulnerable and people learn about the 'old' version of you. We tend to keep our inner secrets and dark times to ourselves but at Rage, we feel it is important to share our individual journey's with you to support you with yours. Speaking first hand about our challenges, [...]

Rage Fitness Gym Launch

WHEN Rage Fitness Company held its first fitness class one year ago, there were just three members and the club had to borrow a skipping rope and a couple of dumbbells. But 12 months on, the club has thrived in helping people in and around the Blacon community get fitter and healthier and has around 200 members. Now, as Rage Fitness [...]