Rage Me

Rage Fitness delivers a varied range of fitness classes, nutrition and mentoring programs to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We also work closely with local authorities and similar organisations to tackle a variety of social, health and behavioural issues. We are extremely proud to change lives for the better.

Craig BrownCEO - Rage Fitness

Fitness Classes

A wide range of inclusive group sessions for people of all ages and abilities. Empowering individuals to raise levels of confidence and self-esteem.LET US GUIDE YOU » »

Personal Training

Medium to long term 1-1 focused fitness programmes to improve all aspects of your lifestyle and your physical and mental wellbeing.LET US GUIDE YOU » »

Seasonal Events

Bootcamps (adults only) and Summer Fit (kids) events, let Rage Me transform you and help you to set achievable goals and stretch targets.LET US GUIDE YOU » »


Challenge yourself to change your eating habits and lifestyle to achieve long term improvements. Transforming the way people think and behave to promote.LET US GUIDE YOU »

Gym Membership

Rage Fitness Gym is truly unique facility. It has one of the largest Functional Fitness Tracks in the UK, independently owned so you won’t just feel like another number.LET US GUIDE YOU »

Dedicated to creating fitness solutions

Our vision is entirely built around using fitness as an enabler to tackle social issues and promote health & wellbeing.