Rage Against exists to improve the quality of life and the physical and mental well being of people of all ages through sport and related activities which include education, prevention initiatives and mentoring. Rage Against is particularly supporting young adults who are returning into the community who have been sentenced to time with the Youth Justice Service.

The concepts of education and prevention are vital to compliment the services Rage Against offer. Working with the Youth Service, youth clubs and Avenue Services, they provide educational sessions direct to young people in various settings, including outreach where they connect directly with young people on the streets. Their ambition is to steer young people away from the perils and the damage alcohol and drug abuse can cause at the earliest point possible in their lives.

“Outreach is a powerful tool,” Craig states. “Working with our partners, this practice has been expanded and now Rage Leisure is a key player in this initiative given our unique approach to young people. The way we work enables us to better understand the modern stresses and difficulties young people face in our communities – and to apply our skills to significantly assist with these. By being so closely involved we want to improve the health and well-being of our young people, but we specifically want to reduce knife crime, death by drug overdose and general criminal behavior.