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Parenthood, Isolation and Rage Fitness Company…

By now you are well aware Rage Fitness Company is not a ‘normal’ fitness company/ Gym.

We offer over 35 services across the North West/ Cheshire. Our services support a variety of social, local & national issues. Our services range from military veterans with PTSD, young adults with additional needs or being new to parenthood and support the underlining issues that is just not taken seriously within health care today.

I have been within the fitness industry for over a decade (Craig Brown, Owner of Rage Fitness Company) I have always supported new mums, I have see the additional support they NEED. I have personally worked with over 5000 new mums to help them find themselves after giving birth. Becoming a mother is all about baby, you are the protector, provider and you are responsible to keeping baby alive.

Mums very quickly forget about keeping themselves fit, healthy and engaged within a wider community than ‘baby & mum circle’.

A recent UK survey found that 90% of mothers feel lonely since having children and 54% felt “friendless” after giving birth. These statistics are a real threat to mum’s health. In recent years, it has been linked to increased rates of hypertension, sleep disturbances and mental illness.

I’m not sure about anyone else but an hour by myself is more than enough. After an hour I’m calling Charlotte (The Mrs’s) to see how her day is going, what is for tea or normally what time is she home.

Now imagine potentially a new mum not seeing anyone else but baby for 8hrs a day, staying indoors, cuddling in bed watching Netflix, eating process foods (quick & easy), being sedentary or not communicating for the 12hrs. New summer mums have the benefit of potentially going for a summer walk, but how often can you see the same ducks or same park. New winter mums have it the hardest, who wants to go for a walk in minus 1 in the rain and win. This leads to form some very serious physical & mental health concerns.

For many, new motherhood can be so incredibly isolating that one is plunged into a kind of disconnected inertia. I’m not talking about “baby blues” or postpartum depression (a very real but altogether different thing); I’m talking about the disorientation and loss of self that comes with the period known as “matrescence.”

What new mums instantly feel, herself is no longer the most important person in the world. Baby is, all of her attention, effort, sacrifice and blood, sweat and tears will be to create a healthy happy baby.

Here is how Rage Fitness Company help.

Rage Fitness are loud and proud about supporting new mums.

-We help with removing the emotion of ‘friendless’
-We help you with the mental & emotional struggles.
-We help your physical health.
-We will help with sleep deprivation.
-We encourage new friendships to be formed.
We could go on . . .

Rage Fitness allow new mums to bring baby to our gym and fitness classes. We have baby changing facilities, we have a team that love babies, and all have children of their own.  Rage gym is like one big family. I believe in small steps to support one anther will make up to big differences, so far I am right. We have over 50 different babies attending weekly. They love it, you will love it and our mums love it.

Fantastic way to socialise, get fit, feel great about you, build confidence, improve energy and help baby engage with other babies. Everyone wins!

I feel if we work together as a community, as a family no one will be feeling isolated or friendless.

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