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Male Suicide Awareness

Building a strong toughened body requires the mind and body to pushed beyond what is possible.

I must be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Today I tested anaerobic threshold, rep ranges, volume/intensity, and how long it took me to be sick… 4hrs 13 minutes 🙈

#Mission84 has taught me so much about other people, how people see things, challenges people to face, and situations people find themselves in.

But Mission 84 (Training) has also taught me a lot about myself. What I’m capable of, how much pressure a human body can take, and if challenged correctly what the mindset can do for the body.

11 days before we start. 11 days of continuing to improve my body, mind, and spreading awarness of Male Suicide.

Click the link below to see what Mission 84 is all about.

Together, we can improve lives, give a shit about a stranger, and focus on the people that need us most. Please share.

Thank you
Craig ❤

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