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Instructor Journeys Part 1

It’s never easy speaking about the past as we feel exposed, vulnerable and people learn about the ‘old’ version of you.

We tend to keep our inner secrets and dark times to ourselves but at Rage, we feel it is important to share our individual journey’s with you to support you with yours. Speaking first hand about our challenges, our emotions and obstacles can only be a benefit to inspire others.

We believe we have a duty as leaders in fitness, mental & emotional health to share this delicate information, hopefully, to help you to make changes/the right choices. Because we KNOW what works, so let us help you with your goals, your challenges and breaking down those barriers so you can feel as good as you can and be the best you can be!

The picture on the left is me, Craig owner of Rage Fitness Company. I was 17 STONE & 3 POUNDS, the picture on the right (me) 12stone 9lbs. 5 & HALF STONE LIGHTER! (Please see picture at the bottom of the page)

I packed on so much weight due to a mild form of depression, isolation, and bad health choices. I drank (alcohol) 4 times a week and ate pizzas on most days. As you can see, I wasn’t exercising. I felt like I had no future due to being unemployed, in a toxic relationship and I never spoke to anyone about how I really felt.

I woke up, put a smile on and cracked with the day. Drinking became my escape and to make myself feel better I ate and ate and ate.

This went on for roughly 2 years. 2 years of suffering can lower anyone’s confidence, self-esteem, and general health.  Safe to say I was at a low point. I knew I had to change this unhealthy lifestyle.

SO, I decided to shift the weight ASAP! I read, listened to podcasts and sat in libraries for hours on end learning about nutrition and exercises to shift this weight. I found a new life and I retrained to the highest level of education as a personal trainer (Level 6 personal trainer) and never looked back.

I now know I exercise for my mental health not just for physical appearance.

Without exercise, your brain has time to be lazy, has time to think negatively about oneself and without exercise your brain will always choose the easy path. We as humans need resistance, exercise gives us that and we can become stronger mentally and physically. We will feel far better about our looks, how we feel about ourselves, and our health improves.

LET’S GET REAL!!! I am not saying my journey was easy far F%cking from it. There were days I felt like giving up as I saw very little results from week to week. I looked in the mirror and found I still looked the same. BUT what did change was how I felt about myself. I felt my mind change in a new direction. I felt focused, I had a purpose. I started to believe in myself and I knew to push forward was the only answer.

Fast forward to the picture on the right. It was worth every ounce of doubt and every negative thought. It motivated me. Reaching for a pear rather than a slice of pizza at the time was the hardest thing in the world. But I conquered my demons, I dragged myself forward. Through all the resistance to be a happier, healthier ME!💪

My passion to help everyone and anyone shows in Rage Fitness ethos and services we offer. I urge anyone from any background or circumstances to get in touch to support you on your own journey. If you doubt yourself get in touch, If you are tired of living an unhealthy lifestyle get in touch, if you suffer from mental health get in touch, if you suffer from emotional health (Lack in confidence, low self-esteem) get in touch, if you have an eating disorder get in touch, are you in a dark place get in touch or just need a chat, get in touch

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