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Each one of us can make a difference… Together we make change

A quote there from the inspirational former US Senator, Barbara Mikulski.

Of course, you don’t have to be a member of the political elite to be inspirational. We can all likely relate that quote to a time in our own lives.

At Rage Fitness Company, we don’t believe in simple quotes. Our company is driven by values aimed at making a real difference to people’s lives, whether by weight loss, mental health and well-being or through some of our preventative initiatives in the local community.

We’re proud to help people.

We’re all busy, but it helps occasionally to stop and think “what have we achieved?”, and then quickly focus on “what needs to be done next”.

Following the launch of the company in October 2018, I was encouraged to do exactly that by the marketing team now helping us expand.

“You’re very entrepreneurial” they told me. And of course, I was bursting with pride. Unfortunately, what they were telling me was I had great ideas – too many of them in fact – and without some structure and a plan, many of them would never be realised.

So we looked at branding and we also split the business into two.

“Rage Together” has aptly become the brand name for the work we do in the local community.

We work closely with the NHS and local GP’s, tackling issues such as obesity, mental health and well-being to help relieve some of the pressures on surgeries and waiting lists.

We have a pre-release programme to help offenders integrate back into society. As importantly, through our prevention and outreach projects we work with the police and other local authorities to reduce ASB before they happen.

And our school’s initiatives are vital. Working with children to increase participation in PE, and running events in school holidays to keep kids focussed (tackling the problems before they ever arise) is key.

Recently my marketing team convinced me to ask one of our community partners to write a case study.

We sat down and the typical questions were asked…

“What were the issues?”
“Why Rage Fitness Company?”
“What have been the results?”

Taking the time to sit there, listening to the conversation and the feedback (probably for the first time in that environment) makes me and the rest of the Rage Fitness Company team very proud.

We’re making a real difference to people in society and being recognised for it.

But there’s so much more to do – Just turn on Sky News!

It’s our mission to ensure our expertise in fitness, helps not only those people in society that need it now, but importantly that we work with those of a school age to highlight some of the dangers out there and give them positive ways to channel their emotions and energy.

We’re not doing it ourselves. We need the support of the local authorities and organisations, and most importantly we need the support and will of the people we’re trying to help.

We will only succeed by working together.

Rage Fitness Company have that support now and we’re determined to help make a difference.

But I must refer to the quote at the very start and finish with another.

We’re all busy – But take the time to stop and evaluate. What are YOU doing to make a difference and what could you do differently?

Sorry to quote another American, (they must have lots of spare time), but Henry Ford nailed it for me;

“If everyone is moving forward together, success will take care of itself”.

Wise words from the man that gave us the Capri.

Craig Brown
CEO – Rage Fitness Company

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