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Community Wellbeing in Chester

Here at Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group in Chester, we place a great emphasis on community wellbeing.

Working globally and throughout the North West, our team uses their lived experience to create an outstanding support network.

Furthermore, we feel strongly about giving back to our local communities and help improve their health and welfare.

For more information about our community wellbeing programmes, contact us in Chester.

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Rage Fitness Improving Global Communities

As one of the leading bodies for physical, mental & emotional wellbeing across the North West, it is our privilege to engage, educate, enable, inspire and influence local and global communities as well as a wide range of organisations and partners. We aim to improve lives.

Rage Fitness Improving Global Communities is a community blueprint support service that Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group has developed. Improving Global Communities has 3 main objectives:

  1. Tackle inactivity among children and adults.
  2. Improve mental & emotional wellbeing.
  3. To reduce community poverty and inequality.
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Investing In Communities

Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group delivers this by supporting North West and global community organisations and projects to deliver a variety of activities. Sectors include:

  • Play & Activity-based Learning
  • Home Based Leisure
  • Countryside Recreation
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Sport & Physical Recreation
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In And Around Our Community

Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group are proud to be supporting our wider community with a variety of fundraising, sponsorship, and charity initiatives.

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Having come from a community that had its dark side. I fully understand the value of community-based organisations and projects. These services are a lifeline and more importantly a support network for a variety of people, of all ages and backgrounds.

The Rage Fitness team and I are proud to support an amazing variety of organisations and projects to deliver what they do best. The main goal is to support as many people as possible to reduce inactivity and improve mental & emotional wellbeing, alongside reducing poverty & inequality and ultimately improve lives.

Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group can award up to £500 grants to small community projects to improve the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of communities across the North West and worldwide.

If you feel you can support our vision to help over 300,000 people by 2026, please get in touch.

Craig Brown
CEO, Rage Fitness Company

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Community Projects

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Here at Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group, we are passionate about helping everyone in any way we can. Being raised on the breadline. I remember the struggles, the hunger, and the challenges I faced. These memories drive me daily to support people who need our support. I am proud of my team, our Partners, and the Rage Fitness wider community for coming together to support people less fortunate than ourselves.
Craig Brown
CEO, Rage Fitness Company

Poverty Support

Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group supports & prevents poverty within communities and with a central focus on children by:

  • Providing jobs/ employment directly with Rage Fitness Company or one of our trusted partners.
  • Upskilling communities to gain skills needed to access services or roles to support families economically.
  • Rage Fitness provides an Education Programme to help people start a career within the fitness industry, which can develop into a paid position at Rage Fitness Company or within the industry.
  • Having a positive role model is key to improving aspirations, goals, and self-worth. Rage Fitness Company & our trusted partners support children and young adults by introducing positive role models within community projects.
  • Rage Fitness & our trusted partners help, support and donate food, family essentials, and baby & female hygiene products.
  • We also feed children during half term from school and have done since 2018.
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