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We hear this word being used over and over again, but what does it actually mean? Community for me is a sense of something bigger. A common cause that unites people and brings them together.

Being a part of a community can make us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. It can give us opportunities to connect with people and reach for our goals, as well as helping us to feel safe and secure. In the times we are currently facing, it is more important than ever for every person to have a sense of community:

A community comes in all shapes and sizes: for some, it can look like a group of 3 friends popping out to the Bingo together on a Saturday night. For others, it might be the five-a-side football team that train twice a week. Or perhaps, it can even be a Fitness Company that offers a variety of services. Not only fitness classes and a gym, but emotional & mental health support. A Fitness Company that has coaching, mentoring and events for all ages. That develops specific community projects and reinvests in employment, education, and prevention of child criminal exploitation – This ‘fitness company’ sounds awfully specific…

Whatever your community looks like it is ‘home’ to you.
At Rage Fitness Company, we feel like we have built a strong community. We believe you are more than just another number. You are more than a person using one of our services. You are part of a bigger, wider community. We deliver over 15 services across the North West, all built from real life experiences from our CEO – Craig Brown.

Rage Fitness now have over a MASSIVE 20000 users. But we know more can be done to grow our community. To help new families become healthier, happier, and fitter (both physically and mentally). To help the average joe complete his first ever 5K, or improve self-confidence for Susan from next door. We believe that we as a company have a responsibility to help the next generation find a path that will bring them all the success and happiness they deserve (whatever that may look like). We go above and beyond to use our vast experience in helping communities within the North West to gel and bond via fitness enabled sessions.

Each one of our users is as important as the next. We know every person’s story; we have a plan for each individual, and we love to follow their journey.

Cliché as it sounds. ‘We are not just another gym in Chester’ – We are Rage Fitness Company and we are proud to be so much more. Our brand is now recognised and trusted with Public Health England, NHS England, National Sporting Agencies, Premier League Football Clubs, National & Local Governments to lead specific programmes to benefit all ages within physical & mental health. We have come a long way since our first fitness class and have built a strong, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, and fabulous COMMUNITY.


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