Stop Whining and Start Winning

STOP WHINING AND START WINNING Are you a victim of circumstance or do you take ownership when things aren’t going to plan? I get very frustrated when approached by people who think it’s always someone else’s fault. You know the types, (you may be one yourself). “I just can’t motivate myself” “The whole world is against me “I’ll never be able to achieve that” And [...]

CASE STUDY – Rage Fitness Company Working In The Community

About Rage Fitness Company Rage Fitness Company are based in Blacon, Chester, and deliver a variety of programmes to individuals and community groups aimed at tackling a range of issues such as health, fitness, mental health and well-being whilst helping tackle issues such as anti-social behavior. The Ambition Rage Fitness Company have been working closely with Avenue Services – a joint venture [...]

Each one of us can make a difference… Together we make change

A quote there from the inspirational former US Senator, Barbara Mikulski. Of course, you don’t have to be a member of the political elite to be inspirational. We can all likely relate that quote to a time in our own lives. At Rage Fitness Company, we don’t believe in simple quotes. Our company is driven by values aimed at making a [...]