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Wellbeing Café in Chester

At Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group, we proudly partner with Calm Coffee Group CIC to create a welcoming, supportive, safe space in Chester.

This collaboration is dedicated to significantly enhancing the physical, mental, and emotional health of our community. Calm Coffee Group CIC offers a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can access mental health support and engage in open conversations about their overall wellbeing.

Our shared mission is to break down the stigma around mental health, providing a space where everyone feels comfortable speaking out and seeking the help they need in a non-clinical, lived experience environment.

For more information about Calm Coffee wellbeing café in Chester, contact Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group.

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Calm Coffee Café

Visit us to enjoy a cup of coffee and take a moment to prioritise your mental health. Inspired by our CEO Craig Brown’s ‘Mission 84’ challenge, we established this safe space as a sanctuary ‘on the high street’ for open dialogue and community support.

At Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group, we are committed to fostering both physical and mental well-being. Our partnership with Calm Coffee serves as a hub for positive community impact, offering regular support sessions and a judgment-free zone where you can share your experiences and struggles.

Join us at Calm Coffee, where everyone from Chester and beyond is welcome. Whether you need someone to talk to or simply a place to relax, we are here for you. Our goal is to create a supportive community that promotes overall wellness.

For more information about Calm Coffee, Click here. We believe that mental health matters and are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of local residents in Chester and beyond.

Come To Our Cafe

Rage Fitness Gym is truly unique facility. It has one of the largest Functional Fitness Tracks in the UK, independently owned so you won’t just feel like another number.

Regular Support

Calm Coffee is free to attend and open to all. We also offer regular support sessions so you can speak to a member of our team and talk openly about your struggles. Our Calm Coffee community never holds judgement over your circumstances. We are here to support and listen.

At Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group, mental health matters. We have no doubt that our wellbeing café will have a positive impact on local residents and beyond.

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For more about our wellbeing café in Chester, contact Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group. You can submit an enquiry via our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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“Recent Testimonial”

Amazing gym with staff who genuinely show they care. After my 1st session with Sam in August. I knew this is where I needed to be. Katie always makes time to say Hi. Charlotte encouraged me on a day I was full of anxiety and i left rage feeling motivated, disciplined and that I had achieved something. Craig taught me to train with intent and with a can do attitude!

Clare Smith

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