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About us

Using our lived experience we have created a variety of outstanding services to support and improve the physical, mental & emotional well-being within communitIES across the North West.

 about rage

Rage Fitness Company was formed in 2018 with a simple mission, to Improve Lives. Rage Fitness started by delivering 1 30 minute fitness class a week. Which was to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a handful of Blacon residents. For the first couple of months Rage Fitness only had 4 participants. We had no equipment but WE believed we could be a force for good.

Fast forward to now, Rage Fitness Company deliver over 20 services across the North West and working with key partners (NHS, Public Health England, Local and national Government) Rage Fitness Company are also a part of neuromas mental health boards and sub groups to support the physical, mental and emotional well-being of communities across the North West. 

Rage Fitness Company are committed to improving lives for communities to live a happier, healthier and brighter life by creating specific fitness, health and wellbeing programmes to transform the way they think, feel and live. Rage Fitness delivers this via liaison diversion with trusted relationships and partners.

Rage Fitness have supported over 40,000 people with their physical, mental & emotional well-being since 2018. Every single person is as important as the next. We focus on the individual but also their family. Which makes us one BIG happy family!

Our vision is entirely built around using fitness as an enabler to tackle social & inequality issues and promote health & wellbeing.

Come visit us today at our HQ – Rage Fitness Well-being Centre to see how we can help you with your physical and mental health journey.

“A gym in the heart of the community, developed to give back to our members through positive actions and local engaging projects.”

our dedicated team

The Rage Fitness team is 100% community work force Driven. They all have lived experiences of the services we offer. All of the team in some way have had their own challenging moments with their physical, mental or emotional wellbeing. They have got through their tough moments and now support others on their physical, mental or emotional journeys. Each one of the team are proud to be where they stand today and love to improve lives together.

Craig Brown – CEO

My name is Craig Brown and I am the proud founder and owner of Rage Fitness Company.
I have always had a urge to help people. Either that be in my attempt to be a long standing Royal Marine Commando in the Royal Navy or moving into the fitness industry in 2011. I believe I’m here to improve lives in anyway I can. I started Rage Fitness Company with a skipping rope and a pair of dumbbells. Now we are helping over thirty thousand people a year to improve their physical, mental emotional wellbeing. Ranging in a variety of services, across the North West. I also believe we can always do more, be more and help more. With that being said my and Rage Fitness Company ambition is to have 5 facilities, helping over one hundred thousand people a year within the UK by 2025.
I’m excited to see what we can achieve together. Either by you coming to our fitness classes online or face to face, coming to one of our 20 services across the North West or becoming one of trusted and vital partners.

Charlotte Cooper – Trainer/ Mentor

My name is Charlotte, I am a level 3 Personal Trainer (soon to be level 4) and fitness instructor.
I am a mum to Eva and live in Chester.
I have spent most of my career in a leadership role in the retail sector. Developing people/teams and mentoring has been a substantial part of my career and is what I enjoy doing the most. Within Rage fitness I am the project lead where I am able to use my wealth of experience to develop programmes to support our communities health and wellbeing. When working in the gym I am a PT as well as peer mentor. I love to support all walks of life to improve physically, mentally and emotionally.

Katie Barnes – Fitness Instructor/ Mentor

Hi, I’m Katie and I have been on a diet all my adult life after having my son early in life I would lose weight gain it again.
After my last child at 29 I told my self this would be it and with that I lost 3 stone but still didn’t feel 100%.
Then I found Rage Fitness – I went along to classes and loved it and that’s when Craig inspired me to become a fitness instructor.
In September 2019 I went to college to gain my industry qualifications and now a year on 2020, I love what I do – helping and inspiring people to be happy with their skin they’re in. 

Sam Stanford – Fitness Instructor

Hi, my name is Sam, I’m a proud father to my two boys Charlie and Samuel and married to my amazing wife Hayley, we have a dog called Nugget and we all live in Blacon. Me, Hayley and the boys have all been attending Rage Fitness since the gym opened.
I’m just starting out on my journey in the world of fitness instructing, through the Rage Fitness Company education program. I am currently working on my level 2 gym instructor’s course, whilst doing the course I have been getting hands on experience helping with fitness classes at Live helping people with a range of disabilities get fit and feel great and I absolutely love it. Fitness has been a huge passion for me since early 2018 when I started running.
I’m now looking forward to progressing with my journey and working at Rage Fitness Company helping other people with their journey’s.

Sarah – Fitness Instructor

Live in Helsby with my amazing two teenagers boys. Couple of dogs. Banter essential. Life is full on busy. Worked at O2 Telecommunications for 22 years wanted a change.
Started my fitness journey 5 years ago. Decided it was time to lose weight 12 months later lose 5 stone. Upping my Fitness each week feeling Fitter and Healthier. Started at local gym filling in teaching HIIT classes every so often.
2019 decided that I wanted to get my qualification to become a gym instructor so completed and passed my Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Instructing classes, Instructing Kettle Bell Training, Circuit Training, Chair Based Exercises.
Started work at Rage June 2019 and working in other gyms and in May 2020 left O2. November 2020 completed and passed my Active IQ Level 3 in Personnel Training ( Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition)
Looking to continue increasing my knowledge on Fitness, Health and wellbeing.

Tony Wyatt – Fitness Instructor

My name is Tony, when I left high school, I wanted to follow my Dads footsteps and join the Army here I was a full tank crewman On leaving the Army I stayed in the reserves where in 2008 I was deployed on active service to Afghanistan with 5 Scots part of 16 Air-Assault brigade.

I have a loving family and this is what motivates me specially the kids, my step son Josh is looking at doing his apprentice in vehicle mechanics, Alfie 11 loves Thai boxing and his ambition when older is to join the Royal Marines, then my daughter 13 loves animals and is hoping to pursue a career working with them when older, me and Nicky have been together since 2008 but have known each other since we were kids, our pet dog Mya is a Siberian Husky and is amazing she loves the outdoors and pulls me everywhere where we go.

Danielle Chesworth – Trainer

My name is Danielle, I’m married and have four beautiful children, three boys and one girl. I’m all about my family and working hard. I’m a confident and bubbly person once you get to no me. I started my fitness journey in January, doing a PT session once every two weeks with Craig. My goal was weight loss. I’ve lost 5 stone up to now and still continuing my journey. My journey has given me the opportunity to turn it into a career with Rage Fitness Educational Programme. So I’m working towards my level 2 fitness instructor. Which I’m super excited about being able to become apart of the Rage fitness team.

dedicated to our community

A key part of Rage Fitness is our community work. We feel strongly about giving back to the local area where we are based and love working together with our members to make positive steps in impacting the local area. We try to have a positive effect on the local economy by working closely with fellow independent businesses wherever possible. We also provide engaging local community schemes to help improve community health and welfare.