Rage Fitness company, changing lives for the better

Based in Blacon, the company’s core purpose is to provide fitness, nutrition and mentoring programmes to people of all ages and backgrounds.


Our vision is entirely built around using fitness as an enabler to tackle social issues and promote health & wellbeing.


Rage Fitness Company is the umbrella brand covering both  “Rage Together” and “Rage Me”. Our mission statement is “Challenge yourself to change”.

Rage Together

“Rage Together” works with a wider partnership through Avenue Services Limited and the Sanctuary Housing Group which includes Cheshire Police, Youth Justice Service, Social Services, Cheshire West and Chester Council, schools, local GP surgeries, Sport England and the NHS among others.

“Rage Together” has a clear focus on working with local authorities and health bodies to tackle a variety of social and behavioural issues such as youth offenders and under privileged children. Similarly, obesity, mental health, well-being and rehabilitation are targeted.

Preventative, education and employment support is provided, specifically targeting alcohol, drugs and crime which underpins the mission statement, “A big challenge starts with a small step”. Critical to the “Rage Together” brand is the vision of social inclusion for all.

“Rage Together” exists to improve the quality of life and the physical and mental wellbeing of people of all ages through sport and related activities which include education, prevention initiatives and mentoring.

The concepts of education and prevention are vital to compliment the services Rage “Together” offer. Working with the Youth Service, youth clubs and Avenue Services, they provide educational sessions direct to young people in various settings, including outreach where they connect directly with young people on the streets. Their ambition is to steer young people away from the perils and the damage alcohol and drug abuse can cause at the earliest point possible in their lives.

Rage Me

“Rage Me” is focused on delivering fitness classes, seasonal events, nutritional advice and personal training sessions across the North West. “Rage Me” targets local people of all ages and backgrounds on an individual basis who are interested in improving their health, fitness and well-being through attendance at various fitness classes or private sessions.  We also work closely with local schools, Chester FC, Cheshire FA, Liverpool FC, Everton FC and Active Cheshire, delivering nutrition and fitness classes for children and teams.

Our Clients and Partners