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Rage Together, supporting local community initiatives focused on improving health, wellbeing and other social issues.

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Rage Me, delivering motivational health and fitness classes, and nutritional expertise.

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Rage Fitness are proud to be supporting our wider community by being a Drop Off Location for West Cheshire Foodbank. The number below is the number of meals Rage Fitness Company have donated to West Cheshire Foodbank.
‘Here at Rage Fitness we are passionate about helping everyone in anyway we can. “Coming from an poverty background. I remember the struggles, the hunger and challenges I faced. These memories drive me daily to support people who need our support. I am proud of my team, our members and the community for coming together to support people less fortunate than ourselves. Like always, there is more to be done. We will continue supporting West Cheshire Foodbank right the way through 2020. By continuing to be a drop of location for food, hygiene products and our new developing charity Rage Baby Bank’ – Craig Brown – CEO/ Owner Rage Fitness Company

Meals Donated


Rage fitness company are committed to improving lives for communities to live a happier, healthier and brighter life by creating specific fitness, health and wellbeing programmes to transform the way they think, feel and live. Rage deliver this via liaison diversion with trusted relationships and partners. We Improve confidence, self-esteem, Self-Discipline build resilience and encouraging long term willpower.

Our vision is entirely built around using fitness as an enabler to tackle social issues and promote health & wellbeing.

Come visit us today at our new HQ – Rage Fitness Community Gym to see how we can help you with your physical and mental health journey.

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