A big challenge starts with a small step

Rage Together, supporting local community initiatives focused on improving health, wellbeing and other social issues.

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Clear your mind of can’t

Rage Me, delivering motivational health and fitness classes, and nutritional expertise.

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Rage Fitness delivers a varied range of fitness classes, nutrition and mentoring programs to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We also work closely with local authorities and similar organisations to tackle a variety of social, health and behavioural issues. We are extremely proud to change lives for the better.

Craig BrownCEO - Rage Fitness


Rage Fitness Company are committed to helping you achieve your goals by creating specific and motivational fitness, health and wellbeing classes or packages to transform the way that you look, feel and live.Β  Improving confidence, self-esteem and encouraging long term willpower.
Our vision is entirely built around using fitness as an enabler to tackle social issues and promote health & wellbeing Rage Together and Rage Me.
Rage Fitness Company consists of two sub-companies, each tailored to very different audiences.

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Rage Fitness Company
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